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Workshop med GreenLab

Last minute-sign up: Contact Linda +45 28516391 to see if it is possible. Many challenges arise related to the water used in the electrolysis process to create the green hydrogen - How can we provide Water for Electrolysis?
Kl. 12.00-14.00
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Water for Electrolysis

In this workshop you will meet Eoghan Rattigan, Industrial Sustainability Scientist, from GreenLab and learn more about their Green Challenge:

One of the ways to reach lower environmental impact targets, is to produce green hydrogen from water using energy generated from renewable energy sources, creating greener alternative to fossil fuel. In fact, it is something that Denmark is heavily investing in. The green hydrogen is generated using a process called electrolysis, where electricity is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen then be used as a green alternative to fossil-based products in various ways:

  • Direct use in industrial processes
  • Displacing natural gas
  • Transportation - Refineries
  • Steel
  • Peak loads for electricity and heat

The green hydrogen also separates itself from fossil alternatives as its waste when burnt for heat is water and not CO2. The hydrogen can also be used as a building block for other chemical processes, such as electro-fuels like methanol.

However, many challenges arise related to the water used in the electrolysis process to create the green hydrogen. The water needs to be ultra-pure before it can be used in the electrolysers, and the process of purifying the water can be energy intensive. This leads to many interesting questions.

  • Is it ok to use drinking water as feedstock to the electrolysers?
  • How pure does the water actually need to be? Does this generate additional waste?
  • How much energy can be used to purify the water? What are the trade-offs?
  • How do we supply this water? Can waste water sources be used? How about rainwater, or agricultural run-off? What should be the price placed on it?

As we scale up the hydrogen economy these questions about water for electrolysis will need technological, social, and economic solutions.

Learn more and find data here

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Do you study within?:

  • Engineering
  • Business Models
  • Circular Economy
  • Resource Sharing
  • Strategy
  • Supply Chain
  • Symbiosis

Then it might be interesting for you to start your project or collaboration with GreenLab at this workshop.

Last minute-sign up: Contact Linda+45 28516391 to see if it is possible.

Get to know GreenLab

Check out their Green Challenge-video og lean more here.

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