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How do we create a Business Model for resource sharing?


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What is GreenLab?

GreenLab is a unique, green and circular industrial park – and a frontrunner in Power-to-X. We generate sustainable energy, supply it to the businesses located here, and transform it into heat, electrofuels, and other green products.

In the industrial park, everything will be connected by the SymbiosisNet™ – an intelligent grid of energy and data that will let companies share their surplus energy and resources in accordance with their scale-up demands.

What is the main challenge to be considered?

How do you create a business model for an energy cluster with a sharing economy like GreenLab’s unique SymbiosisNet?

There are many different exchanges of resources in GreenLab and a lot of connections to external markets, and fluctuating prices in various markets. All the price fluctuations on different markets will influence how you can make a fair and transparent way of trading energy and resources inside a green industrial park like GreenLab.

It is an open challenge depending on your educational background. We invite you to challenge us and ask us questions

An example could be a data scientist background. You could investigate some of the data on energy usage and resource streams in the park and maybe on the fluctuations in the markets external to the park – and maybe even come up with a suggestion of an algorithm to control this.

There are different ways to attack the task. But a good starting point could be to consider the following:

  • What are the motivational factors for joining a cooperative industrial park like GreenLab?
  • The connected markets create some boundary conditions that must be respected - after all, GreenLab is not an isolated island, and the companies living in GreenLab will also be interacting with the external markets.
  • How do you create a market for exchange and trading internally in the park which is perceived as fair and transparent by the park tenants?

Why is solving this challenge relevant for GreenLab/society/the environment?

In GreenLab, we are working with the green transition of industry. It is no longer for discussion that climate changes are due to human activities and that immediate action is needed. Even though we think individual efforts are important, we believe that systematic change at the industrial level will have the greatest effect.

A lot of the work to be done is in the industrial and energy sectors, and one of the big questions is how we can revolutionize the producing industry to make it green and rely on renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuels. Therefore, our goal is to make the production industry greener and more independent of fossil fuels. We do this by changing how energy is generated, stored and shared in an eco-cluster of green companies.

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